Rabobank has a malfunction with internet banking and mobile app – update

Rabobank is experiencing a malfunction. As a result, customers are currently unable to use internet banking. The Rabo app is also unusable due to the problem. The company is working on a solution.

Rabobank confirms on his website that it is currently experiencing technical difficulties that prevent its internet services from being available. Since 10.30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, reports of problems have been coming in on All Troubles. Due to the malfunction, users receive an error message when they try to log in to the Rabo app, according to reports on Twitter.

The bank reports on its website that it is currently working on a solution to the malfunction. The company does not provide an estimate for when the issues will be resolved. It is unknown what caused the outage.

Update, 3:35 PM: The problem seems to have been resolved now. That reports Rabobank on Twitter. Also on company status page the fault is no longer listed.