Qualcomm unveils Snapdragon 712 for midrange smartphones

Qualcomm has announced a new soc for midrange smartphones. It concerns the Snapdragon 712, a soc that can be considered a slightly improved version of the Snapdragon 710.

Like the Snapdragon 710, the 712 has eight Kryo 360 processor cores, but with the new soc the maximum clock speed has been increased from 2.2 to 2.3 GHz. The Snapdragon 712 also inherits the Adreno 616 GPU. Thanks to this GPU, smartphone users can watch 4K videos including HDR.

Like the predecessor, the new soc is made on a 10nm process for midrange smartphones. Qualcomm states that the Snapdragon 712 delivers up to ten percent higher performance, which should make a difference especially when playing games.

The new soc also has the same modem: the X15 from Qualcomm itself. It supports 4g with 4×4 MiMo for a maximum download speed of 800Mbit/s and 150Mbit/s up, with support for, among other things, 256qam modulation.

Furthermore, QuickCharge 4.0+ is present, which, according to the company, makes it possible to charge a battery from 0 to 50 percent in fifteen minutes. The Snapdragon is optimized to save energy, according to Qualcomm. Dual cameras with a resolution of up to 20 megapixels are supported, or a single camera with a 32 megapixel sensor.

Snapdragon 712 Snapdragon 710
cpu 2x Kryo 360 @2.3GHz
6x Kryo 360 @1.7GHz
2x Kryo 360 @2.2GHz
6x Kryo 360 @1.7GHz
GPU Adreno 616 Adreno 616
dsp Hexagon 685
Is P Spectrum 250
Camera support 32Mp single / 20Mp double 32Mp single / 20Mp double
Modem Snapdragon X15-LTE Snapdragon X15-LTE
Download/upload 800/150Mbit/s 800/150Mbit/s
Production process 10nm