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Qualcomm announces Snapdragon Sound for better sound on mobile devices

Chip manufacturer Qualcomm introduces Snapdragon Sound. With this platform, the company unites different technologies under one heading and wants to improve the sound experience on mobile devices.

According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon Sound platform focuses on better sound quality, a more stable wireless connection, the prevention of signal interference from other WiFi and Bluetooth devices, low latency audio , easy pairing and minimal energy consumption.

If a smartphone wants to support Snapdragon Sound, it must contain a mobile chipset from the 800 series in combination with the FastConnect 6900 connectivity system . Bluetooth headphones and earplugs must use the QCC514x, QCC515x or QCC3056 series socs.

Snapdragon Sound uses the following codecs and technologies, according to Qualcomm: aptX Adaptive codec that can achieve 24-bit 96kHz audio with a low latency of 89ms, the aptX Voice codec for better voice, Aqstic audio codec and Qualcomm’s own Active Noise Canceling technology . The platform also supports the WCD938x and WSA883x smart speaker chipsets.

It is as yet unclear whether future devices that will receive the Snapdragon certificate will also support all the above-mentioned codecs and technologies. According to Qualcomm, the Chinese Xiaomi and the Japanese Audio-Technica have already subscribed to Snapdragon Sound. “With the Snapdragon Sound platform, our dream of offering wired audio quality wirelessly comes a step closer,” said Kotaro Narihara, Audio-Technica’s general manager of marketing.

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