Publishers present new games and show Xbox Series X trailers

Several publishers have announced new games and shown trailers of what the games will look like on the Xbox Series X. These include DiRT 5, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 and Yakuza 7.

The games announced may also be available for other platforms, but because they were featured in a presentation from Microsoft, the publishers are now focusing on the Xbox Series X. All games shown will receive graphical improvements for Microsoft’s next-gen console, but will also appear for the current Xbox One.

Codemasters has shown the first images of rally game DiRT 5, without revealing further details. The trailer features gameplay footage showing different environments and various types of rally cars. It is not yet known when the game will be released.

Playism shows a futuristic action shooter that also features knights with swords and cars. The game is titled Bright Memory Infinite and is made by FYQD-Studio. The game is set in a futuristic metropolis in the year 2036. A strange phenomenon that scientists cannot explain has darkened the sky worldwide. Players are part of the Supernatural Science Research Organization and must therefore investigate. The Xbox Series X version runs in 4k at 60fps and uses ray tracing.

Ebb Software has announced Scorn. A first-person horror game published by Microsoft for Xbox and released by Humble Bundle for Windows. Few details about the game are known yet; the trailer only shows atmospheric images.

Deep Silver announces Chorus, a space shooter due out in 2021. Players take on the role of pilot Nara, who controls spaceship Forsaken. The two together make a deadly weapon. The shooter runs on the Xbox Series X at 60fps in 4k resolution and uses ray tracing.

Paradox Interactive shows a trailer for Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. The game is made by Hardsuit Labs and is set in Seattle and players can choose to be brutal or seductive. According to the description, it is an RPG with first-person perspective.

Bloober Team presents The Medium, a horror game that should be released during the holidays this year. On the Xbox Series X, the game will run in 4k at 60fps and will use ray tracing. The Medium is described as a psychological horror game. Players are a medium and navigate between the real world and a spiritual world. The composer of the Silent Hill games is collaborating on the game.

Bandai Namco shows Scarlet Nexus. A game set in a Japanese environment in the distant future, is about a group of elite soldiers with psionic powers. According to the publisher, it is an action RPG with a deep story.

Systemic Reaction presents Second Extinction. It’s a three-player co-op shooter where teams have to take out mutated dinosaurs. Teamwork is important in this, according to the makers.

Sega presents Yakuza: Like a Dragon. This is a western version of Yakuza 7, which was previously released in Japan. The new game will be released for the Xbox Series X and will be available immediately when the console comes out. The game is also coming to Windows 10.

Microsoft announced earlier this week that there will be monthly news about the Xbox Series X and the games coming for the new console. Now the Xbox manufacturer has only shown games from other publishers, in July the company will show the work of the fifteen Xbox Game Studios. The Xbox Series X will be released during the holiday season this year.