Prusa Introduces Speed ​​Version Of SL1-3d Printer

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Prusa has announced a variant of its SL1-3d printer that is faster and would offer better performance. The SL1 Speed ​​is capable of building a single layer in 1.4 seconds, according to the company.

Prusa speaks of an improved version of the SL1 introduced in 2018 in its announcement, but the differences are so great that the new model can be regarded as a completely new printer. Among other things, the company uses a more powerful LED array for UV light, which cures synthetic resin up to three times faster through exposure than with the SL1.

Partly because of this, Prusa claims that layers of small objects can be printed in 1.4 seconds, while resins of 405nm, such as Prusa Tough filament, can be printed in 1.6 seconds. A change in the tilt mechanism also contributes to faster printing. With the SL1, the movement of the tank and print platform takes about 5 to 8 seconds, which has been reduced to 3 seconds with the SL1S.

The manufacturer adds a 5.96″ LCD that is monochrome, where the SL1 has a 5.5″ color screen. According to the company, monochrome offers advantages for UV transmission in combination with the LED array and extends the life of the LCD.

Furthermore, the Speed ​​version has a print platform that is a quarter larger than that of the SL1 with a size of 127 × 80 × 150 mm. The printer will be available in late June or early July for 1980 euros. In combination with the Curing and Washing Machine accessory CW1S for washing and drying objects, the product costs 2550 euros.

SLA system LCD and UV LED Panel (MSLA) LCD and UV LED Panel (MSLA)
Display RGB with V-shaped reflector Monochrome LCD
LCD 5.5”, 2560×1440 pixels 5.96”, 2560×1620 pixels
Lcd Lifetime 500 hours 2000 hours
Print surface 120×68×150mm 127×80×150mm
Layer exposure time 6 – 8 seconds (depending on material and layer height) 1.4 – 2.5 seconds (depending on material and layer height)
Tilt times 5-8 seconds 3 seconds
Supported layer heights 0.025-0.1mm 0.025-0.1mm
Minimum layer height 0.01mm 0.01mm
Supported Materials Standard UV-sensitive liquid resins, 405nm Standard UV-sensitive liquid resins, 405nm
Connectivity usb, wifi, lan usb, wifi, lan
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