Proton deletes ProtonMail product text about not keeping IP logs

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Proton has updated the product information about ProtonMail on its website. The company has not been writing for a few days that IP addresses are no longer logged. Instead, the company now refers to its encryption and an anonymous gateway via Tor.

Until recently, the ProtonMail product page stated that IP logs are not kept. As a result, they could not be linked to the anonymous mail account. However, a few days ago, this message disappeared from the website. Instead, Proton now writes that the encryption of ProtonMail ensures that user data remains with the user. The company also lists an anonymous gateway option through Tor. So there is no longer any communication about whether or not IP logs are saved.

Earlier this month, ProtonMail was in the news. The privacy-focused email service was required to provide the IP address of a climate activist to Swiss authorities. Initially this request came from the French police, but Proton refused this request. Via Europol, the request was accepted by the Swiss government, after which Proton could no longer refuse.

Proton responded to the incident on reddit. The company explained there that it does not monitor IP addresses by default. It reportedly started logging IP activity after a binding court order forced the company to do so. Proton also emphasized that ProtonMail’s encryption cannot be circumvented, even if the company receives a court order.

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