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Programmer makes ٰIDE with MS Paint

There are plenty of programs that can help you with making software. But probably you have never considered that Microsoft Paint can serve as a basis for a functioning ide, an integrated development enviroment .

Programmer Adam Yarris, alias Rubbaboy has MS Paint IDE itself programmed. On the official page and GitHub it says how it works. It is an application that runs separately from MS Paint and in which the user can indicate at which locations the input and output images are located and to which folder the compiler must write.

In MS Paint, the code stored in MS Paint compile and execute. MS Paint IDE uses ocr for this purpose. The output of both MS Paint and the ide software runs through images. The application provides syntax highlights and uses Java’s jdk to compile and execute the code. In addition, there is git support.

According to the maker, advantages of his creation are that MS Paint is already present on many systems as standard and it is a lightweight and robust program. In addition, according to him, the advantage is that images of the code can be easily shared.

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