Prime Video appears to support Dolby Vision on Apple TV 4K

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Amazon’s Prime Video app for tvOS and the Apple TV 4K now also seems to support the high dynamic range standard Dolby Vision. This HDR standard was already supported by Prime Video on all kinds of smart TVs, but it was still missing from the Apple TV 4K.

Among other on Reddit shows that there is Dolby Vision support with The Rings of Power series. It seems to be limited to the first four episodes of this series for now, writes the website FlatpanelsHD based on own findings. The episodes that follow are still limited to the HDR10 standard. With that, it seems that Amazon is currently working on making Dolby Vision more widely available with Prime Video on the Apple 4K TV.

The website has tested it with version 1.2.34 of the Prime Video app in combination with the Apple TV 4K devices from 2022 and 2021, but it is expected to work with the 2017 version as well. FlatpanelsHD also reports that in addition to Dolby Vision support, there was a 4k resolution, an average bit rate of 20Mbit / s and that Dolby Atmos was also supported.

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