Portal writer Erik Wolpaw is eager to write a third Portal game

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The writer of the legendary Portal games can’t wait to write a third of the games. He said that in the podcast Kiwi Talkz. He hopes Valve will make a third installment before he and the other developers of the Portal games are too old to work on it.

The Writer of Valve joined the podcast to talk about his work. When Portal came up, he said he’d be starting a new Portal game in the blink of an eye, especially because he says he’s not getting any younger. “We have to start with Portal 3,” he said. But for those who now make a happy dance behind their PC, the writer nuances that the development of a new Portal game is not just up to him: the decision lies with Valve and at least 75 other developers are needed for a new Portal game.

Wolpaw started out as a writer for Psychonauts and then worked on Half-Life 2, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Portal 2 and Half-Life: Alyx. His most recent work is the Steam Deck demo Aperture Desk Job, set in the world of Portal, which he created with fellow Portal writer Jay Pinkerton. When announcing that demo, Valve emphasized that this was not Portal 3.

According to Wolpaw, the arrival of a new Portal game will depend on whether it brings in enough money for Valve and whether enough developers at Valve can free up the time to work on the game. According to him, the reason that a third Portal game was never made is because it was not certain whether the game would be profitable. He thinks there’s enough interest from fans now, so in the podcast he addresses Valve CEO Gabe Newell directly: “Gabe, if you’re listening… Portal 3.”

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