Pop_OS 22.04 LTS with new download store and update scheduler is out

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System76 has released LTS version 22.04 of its Linux distro Pop_OS. The operating system has more options for automatic updates, a dynamic dark mode and a new download center where users can find software.

It new operating system is based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, which was released last week, according to the makers. System76 says Pop_OS 22.04 LTS has more capabilities to control updates and upgrades in the operating system. Users can manually schedule OS upgrades and updates to software packages such as Debian, Flatpak, and Nix to run only at night or on certain days, for example. Also, users can set their update notifications to run only at certain times.

In the new OS, users also have the option to switch between different wallpapers based on which theme they are using. That means they can set a certain background when in dark mode and another for when they can use light mode. There is also a new Pop_Shop in the operating system where users can download software. The Pop_Shop already existed before, but was taken offline by System76 for a while to improve it. According to the company, the new software center is faster and more efficient.

There are also several additions to the OS under the hood. Pop_OS 22.04 uses PipeWire as the audio codec instead of PulseAudio. According to the makers, that would provide better sound. The Scheduler in the OS also optimizes the windows that are actively in use from now on. They then get more resources, which makes them run faster.

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