PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Takes Peak Moment Record From Dota 2

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has broken a new record on Steam. The game had 1,349,584 players online at once on Saturday. With that, the game now has a higher all-time peak than Dota 2, which at one point had just under 1.3 million players.

With the breaking of this record, it seems that the purchase of such titles is over for ‘PUBG’. As for the Steam stats to be seen, the game is now at the top. The game was already more popular than Dota 2 from day to day and with this new record can be called the most popular game on Steam of all time.

Still, there’s another record that PUBG probably can’t take from Dota 2: according to Steamspy, Valve’s free-to-play moba has 114.7 million “owners” on Steam. In the case of PUBG, there are currently about 11.4 million. That record seems safe, although that is most likely only because PUBG costs 29.99 euros and Dota 2 is free and immediately gets a permanent place in a user’s Steam Library after one try.

It’s hard to say whether PUBG is the most popular game right now. Another very popular game for many years is League of Legends. However, that game is not available on Steam and the developers very rarely give away statistics about their game. In 2014, League had at least 7.5 million players online at peak times.

According to the game’s lead developer, Brendan Greene, its popularity is due to the game’s simple ‘land, loot, survive’ concept. Players land alone or in teams of up to four players somewhere on a desert island with about a hundred other players. After this, they must gather equipment as quickly as possible and ensure that they not only win all confrontations with other players, but also that they stay within the ever-shrinking play zone.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was released on Steam Early Access in March of this year. Before that, the creator worked on this concept in the form of an Arma 2 mod called Battle Royale, inspired by the Japanese book and movie of the same name. The game should be out of Early Access before the end of this year, and around that time it should also be released for the Xbox One.