Players report burnt out RTX 3090 video cards to mmorpg New World

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Several beta players of the upcoming mmorpg New World are reporting that their RTX 3090 crashes or burns out when playing the game. Players with other video cards also report an extremely high GPU load, up to one hundred percent, during login and in the queue.

Players with RTX 3090 cards report on Reddit and Twitter are having issues with their video cards while loading the game. So says Twitch streamer Sean ‘Gladd’ Gallagher that his EVGA 3090 burned out while logging in. Other players say that their video card freezes, their display goes off and after a reset they have no picture. On Reddit, EVGA 3090 cards in particular appear to be crashing due to the issue, though these aren’t the only cards experiencing overheating and extreme power surges.

On the forum of New World notes a player that the game requires one hundred percent of the processing power of the gpu in the login screen and in the queue. This player uses an AMD RX 580. Players with a GTX 1060, RTX 2060 or an RX5700 report a similar problem. Another reports that two EVGA RTX 3090 cards burned out while loading New World. He experiences no problems on his old GTX 980.

A New World community manager says in a response to the forum that the problem is caused by players who override the settings of their driver, for example via Nvidia Control Panel, turning off ‘vertical sync’. He suggests that players check the option ‘use settings of the 3d application’. He adds that New World developers are working on a more permanent fix, although it may take some time to implement. Several players respond to his post saying that checking this option does not solve the problem for them.

The creators of New World, Amazon Game Studios and EVGA have not yet made an official comment. In February, the game was postponed because work was still being done on end-game features for the game. The beta went live on Monday. On Twitter says the developer is working hard on solutions for server problems and long waiting times when logging in.

New World gpu consumption of a user. Image: user Lucos on New World forum

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