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Planthive is a smart kitchen garden for the future

It is a typical phenomenon, the excess of plastic-packed ‘fresh’ vegetables on the shelves of the supermarket. How is that? Case of mass production and mainly occurs in large cities like Amsterdam often with a lack of a garden or balcony to grow your own vegetables or fruit.

But with the introduction of a new generation “Grow-It-Yourself” Smart Garden, PlantHive presents the solution for those who want to serve their vegetables, fruit or herbs fresh at home. PlantHive has to start a revolution in urban farming and simply offers everyone the chance to crawl into the skin of a strawberry grower or vegetable grower. And you really do not need an agricultural background for that. In fact, you do not even have to have a garden or balcony. This ‘smart kitchen garden’ consists of a controlled ecosystem, which has been specifically developed for home-grown vegetables, fruit and herbs.
The digital, compact and stylish vegetable garden is controlled from an innovative app via the smartphone, tablet or laptop. In addition, a series of interactive tutorials are available that provide more information about the actual growth process of the strawberry, cherry tomato or coriander.


Both in design and function, PlantHive emphasizes sustainability, self-sufficiency and organic food. Each household can thus take control of the cultivation of its own daily dose of vitamins. In this respect, the resizable Smart Garden is suitable for growing crops on the basis of both hydroponics and soil. This is made possible by the state-of-the-art automation system for climate control, which consists of a remote sensing unit (HiveVision), and aims to provide real-time feedback for optimizing the breeding process.
The PlantHive system is also equipped with a digital near-infrared (NIR) camera, which transfers the images for imitating the ideal growth environment to an advanced AI model. This then analyzes and adjusts the LED spectrum and fan speed to create the optimal plant growth conditions. The combination of climate control with computer vision technology and contactless plant growth analysis enables the development of growth prescriptions and at the same time improves plant production and energy efficiency.


Especially in Europe, residents of large cities increasingly express their concerns about the lack of transparency in fresh fruit and vegetables. The negative influence of intensive agriculture on the environment also plays an important role here. From these concerns and with the rise of the internet of things, PlantHive is taking an important step towards the future with the introduction of the Smart Garden. A future in which computer-assisted urban agriculture plays a decisive role.


With the development of the prototype, and a series of 10 produced and tested Alpha models, PlantHive is ready for the next step. The focus here is on actually marketing the Smart Garden.

To realize this, a crowdfunding campaign will be launched on 9 April via Indiegogo, where lovers of urban gardening and the home cultivation of fresh fruit and vegetables will have the chance to get their own PlantHive for only € 199. Smart Garden.

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