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Plans for UK satellite navigation are delayed

The study on the feasibility of its own satellite navigation system for the United Kingdom, launched in August 2018, is delayed by at least half a year. The study should have appeared around this time.

According to the Financial Times the UK preparations for its own satellite navigation system are accompanied by internal disputes. These include the costs. In 2018, the United Kingdom announced its intention to develop an alternative to the European Galileo navigation system for its own armed forces. Due to the Brexit, the UK is losing its access to the secured part of the EU satellite navigation project.

It was previously reported that a feasibility study would be conducted. At least 92 million pounds, equivalent to 106 million euros, would be allocated for this. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, which includes the British space agency, reports opposite The Register that a National Space Council will be created this year. A national space strategy is also being worked on. More details about that will follow later, according to the ministry, which does not deal substantively with the postponement of the study.

Estimates of the costs for a British Galileo alternative range between 3 and 5 billion pounds, or between 3.46 and 5.77 billion euros. In addition to the American GPS and the European Galileo, Russia has its own Glonass. China has also given its Beidou system worldwide coverage. Japan and India are also working on their own positioning systems.

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