PixelJunk Raiders launches March 1 exclusively on Google Stadia

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Q-Games has announced PixelJunk Raiders, a game coming exclusively on Google Stadia. The game uses the State Share feature, which allows playable segments of the game to be added to video clips and screenshots.

According to Google, the game uses State Share to “do amazing things” that are “not like anything you’ve ever seen in a game.” Google says it will tell you more about it later this week. State Share is a function of Google Stadia in which video clips or screenshots are provided with a so-called game status. This makes it possible to return to that state in the game from that clip or image. Players can share or relive their gaming experience with others. State Share is one of the features that distinguishes Stadia from PCs and consoles or other streaming services, which do not work with specially developed games.

PixelJunk Raiders is about the planet Tantal, which is under attack by aliens. Players have to defeat those aliens and save the planet. The game belongs to the roguelike genre. PixelJunk Raiders will be part of Stadia Pro. Gamers who have a subscription can play the game without additional costs.

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