Photos show possible successor Sony Xperia Z1 with thinner screen edges

Photos have surfaced online of what appears to be a new Sony smartphone with the model number D6503. The phone is very similar to the Xperia Z1, but has thinner bezels. The device would also run a new user interface for Sony on top of Android.

The pictures of the device appeared on the XDA-Developers forum. The type designation D6503 already appeared in December 2013 as a possible new flagship that Sony will release this year. Incidentally, the name seems to point to a successor to the Xperia Z1L, which had the type name C6502, although the device has more similarities with the Z1.

The photos show a device with a 5.2″ screen and thinner screen edges than the current Xperia Z1. At the bottom are three holes for the speaker, where the Z1 has a fine mesh grille. On the left is a micro USB port and a SIM tray, while on the right is a microSD card slot.The camera would still be a 20.7-megapixel model and otherwise there are few differences from the Z1.

According to the owner of the device, it is a prototype and the model regularly suffers crashes. However, he was able to make some screenshots of the interface, which would still run on Android 4.3.