Photos may show next generation Apple AirPods

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Photos have emerged that may show the next generation of Apple’s AirPods wireless earbuds. The photos show a design that resembles the AirPods Pro, while the charging case appears smaller.

The photos come from the blog 52audio, which is not very well known and of which it is therefore unknown what their track record in terms of rumors is. One of the photos is an x-ray of the boxes of the ‘AirPods 3’ and the current AirPods Pro, while the other is a photo of an AirPod that is partly in the box.

Financial news agency Bloomberg said earlier that the next AirPods would get the design of the AirPods Pro and these photos are in line with that. It is still unknown when and at what price Apple wants to sell the wireless earphones. Apple is holding an event next week, but Bloomberg said Apple is planning the new AirPods for next year. The current AirPods and AirPods Pro came out last year.

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