Philips Monitor Testpanel – Read all reviews

At the end of January, we challenged you to register for the Philips Monitor Testpanel. No less than eight users were allowed to work on a 34 “-Philips Curved UltraWide, almost three thousand tweakers reacted enthusiastically to our call and were willing to let go of their expertise and test skills on this special monitor.In the end eight users actually got to work. 19659002] One of our testpanel members was Lohost active on Tweakers since 2000. All the reasons for making a review of his review, to find out what he thinks of the Multiview display technology, and whether the refresh rate of 100Hz and AMD FreeSync really went so smoothly, check out the video below.
If you are curious about the other testers sharing the opinion of Lohost, take a look at the product page of the Philips Curved UltraWide 349X7FJEW . You can read exactly how your fellow speakers experienced a 34 “- curved monitor, what they thought of the build quality and design, and how many stars they thought worth the Philips monitor.