Philips Hue extends Apple HomeKit support to more accessories

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Philips has announced that it is expanding support for Apple’s HomeKit to include more accessories. HomeKit should be operable from October via various Philips Hue accessories. In addition, Hue can be synchronized with movies, games and music.

Philips reports that the HomeKit control has been extended to the Tap switch, the motion sensor and the wireless dimmer. This makes it possible, for example, to set certain HomeKit scenes by pressing the button or making a certain movement. The support should be available in October in the form of an update.

An ota update is due in December for the 2.0 bridge and all colored lights, which will allow users to synchronize their lighting with movies, games and music. To give partners the opportunity to develop applications, an early access program will start in October. So far, a number of pilots have been carried out with the system, such as with the talent show The Voice. For this system, called Hue Entertainment, Philips has released a new api.

Furthermore, the manufacturer comes with a number of new white ambiance lamps and starter kits. Below that are the Buckram and Buratto spots, in addition to a bathroom and bedroom lamp. These will be released in Europe in the fall, according to the manufacturer. The starter kits should be released in Europe in September and include a white and a colored Hue Candle with an E14 fitting. Philips further announces that it will provide support for the 3.0 version of Zigbee from the first quarter of 2018.

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