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PC version of Death Stranding yielded 23 million euros last year

Publisher 505 Games raised 23 million euros with sales of the PC version of Death Stranding last year. That made it the publisher’s most successful game in 2020, while the game didn’t release until July.

Digital Bros, the parent company of publisher 505 Games, cites Death Stranding’s revenue in its semi-annual financial report. The PC version of Death Stranding came out last July, so it’s going to be sales between July and December. How much money the PC version of the game brought in in the first quarter of this year is not known.

It is also unclear how many copies of the PC version of Death Stranding have been delivered. The game has a suggested retail price of 60 euros on Steam, but that is not the same in all regions. Also, that amount is inclusive of taxes and Valve will also get a portion of that amount.

Control generated 16 million euros in the second half of last year. The game was released in 2019, but the PC version was only available on the Epic Games Store at the time. Since August 27, the game is also available for purchase on Steam. It is unknown what the distribution is between the turnover from the various platforms. The game is also available for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

Assetto Corsa, with a turnover of 9 million euros, performed better in the second half of 2020 than in the same period the year before, when the game yielded 3.5 million euros. The new title Ghostrunner raised 6.9 million euros. At the end of March, 505 Games announced that it had bought the rights to that franchise from the developer for 5 million euros .

Turnover in the second half of 2020 Turnover in the second half of 2019
Death Stranding 23.2 million euros n / a
Control EUR 16.0 million 23.9 million euros
Assetto Corsa 9.0 million euros 3.5 million euros
Ghostrunner 6.9 million euros n / a
Terrariums 4.4 million euros 7.3 million euros
Bloodstained 3.3 million euros 8.6 million euros
Payday 2 2.3 million euros 2.0 million euros

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