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Pandora FMS – Network Monitoring Tool

The Open version of Pandora FMS is capable of monitoring over 10,000 nodes without limitations. It can also cover network, server and application monitoring with agent and remotely. Reports, alerts, and third-party integrations through API  etc. are best features. 

Differently, from others, it doesn’t have Nagios core as a starting point. Instead, Pandora FMS created its own architecture from scratch, which allows perfect scaling for large environments. A network with over 10,000 nodes has been monitored with Pandora without performance issues (with the Enterprise version though).

Its integration on mobile devices, which not only allows access to the console but also to monitoring with its geolocation system.

It is capable of finding all the elements that compose your network in a short time with its network autodiscovery system. Pandora FMS is more than a network monitoring or server monitoring tool. It can monitor whatever you want. It can scale to monitor even business processes showing the global picture of the organization in the same tool.

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