Panasonic comes with new Lumix system camera that can record 4k video

Panasonic has announced the Lumix GH4, a system camera that is capable of shooting 4k video images. The updated micro four thirds camera would have a greater dynamic range and the camera has a quad-core CPU.

The DMC-GH4 has to replace the GH3 and Panasonic has changed little in the design of the body, which is built on the basis of a magnesium alloy. For example, the system camera is still dust and splash-proof. Panasonic states that the 16 megapixel digital live moss sensor can suppress image distortion, also known as rolling shutter. Furthermore, the CPU is a quad-core model. This should give the Venus Engine image processor more computing power. The camera shoots photos up to ISO 25,600 and at a maximum of 12 frames per second.

The more powerful CPU also makes it possible to shoot video images with 4k resolution. Two 4k modes are available for this: cinema-4k with a resolution of 4096×2160 pixels at 24fps and the qfhd mode of 3840×2160 pixels with up to 30fps. In HD mode, an extra high bit rate mode of 200Mbit/s is available. While capturing footage, the DMC-GH4 also allows the user to transfer real-time images to an external display via an optional micro HDMI cable.

Panasonic has equipped the new Lumix GH4 with two OLED screens: the live view finder has 2,359,000 pixels and the screen at the back of the camera has 1,036,000 pixels. Furthermore, the camera has WiFi and NFC, while the GH4 can also be controlled remotely via a smartphone app. The camera will be in the shops from May for 1999.95 euros with a 14-140 lens or 1499.95 euros for the body alone.