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Palit comes with passively cooled GeForce GTX 1650

Video card manufacturer Palit comes with a passively cooled Nvidia GeForce 1650 KalmX. It is the new most powerful passively cooled retail card on the market. The previous most powerful passively cooled card was a GTX 1050 Ti, also from Palit.

Due to the passive cooling it can be said that Palit was conservative with the card. It runs on a base clock of 1485 MHz and a boost clock of 1665 MHz, which is the same as the reference model of Nvidia itself. As usual in a 1650, the card has 4GB frame on board. The image output of the card goes through two DisplayPort 1.4a ports and a single HDMI 2.0b port.

Like most of the GTX 1650 cards on the market, this Palit GeForce GTX 1650 KalmX requires no additional energy supply from the power supply. What comes in through the motherboard is enough. The tdp is 75 watts.

The cooling of the card takes two slots, but the pictures show that the heat sink inside the cabinet does not protrude above these two slots. The heat sink is both longer and wider than the PCB. The heat is dissipated from the gpu, and possibly also the frame and the VMs, via two heat pipes. The dimensions are 178x138x38mm. Palit has not yet announced a price or release date for the card.

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