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Owners Xiaomi Mi A1 complain about missing 4G after Android 9 upgrade

Owners of the Xiaomi Mi A1 complain that their device after an upgrade to Android 9.0 Pie can no longer make contact with 4g on the 800MHz band. Tele2 has already threatened to shut down customers because of the lack of 4g on the device.

Many owners notice in the topic on GoT that their device can no longer connect with 4g on the 800MHz band . KPN and Vodafone in the Netherlands, among others, use this frequency. For Tele2, except for the 2.6 GHz band for busy spots, this is the only frequency for 4 g. It is unknown what causes the bug and not every owner says it bothered.

The bug is extra difficult for Tele2 customers. That provider closes customers if they do not have a 4g telephone. Tele2 wants to keep customers out of its network without a 4g device to keep costs under control. Without a 4g connection, a customer enters the 2g or 3g network of T-Mobile and that costs Tele2 more than when customers use the 4g network of Tele2.

It is not the first problem with an update of the Android One phone Mi A1. Earlier aircraft went into a boat run as owners of a T-Mobile SIM card. That problem later also occurred with the LG G7 ThinQ. Tele2 has not yet responded to the problem. Xiaomi has no representation in the Benelux to respond.

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