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Oppo works on MeshTalk, a p2p communication without internet connection on smartphones

Oppo has announced MeshTalk. With the technology, Oppo users must be able to exchange messages and speech in a radius of 3 km without having to be connected to networks for mobile, mobile internet or wifi.

Oppo introduced MeshTalk during MWC Shanghai 2019, where the company also showed its concept smartphone with a front camera behind the screen. The company describes that a local network is being set up for MeshTalk ad-hoc. The signal range in an open field is a radius of up to three kilometers and thanks to peer-to-peer mesh technology, that radius could also be achieved in busy urban environments. To make this possible, other Oppo smartphones serve as relays to transmit the signal.

The manufacturer does not make clear exactly how the technology works. Oppo does report that it has developed its own communication chip for MeshTalk. The company says it can also be used for emergency communication, for example, and MeshTalk would hardly have any impact on battery life. When technology first appears in smartphones is still unknown.

It is not the first time that companies use mesh technology to enable local communication between smartphones. In 2017, IBM and its subsidiary The Weather Company demonstrated a similar technique under the name Mesh Network Alerts. For the peer-to-peer connection, IBM used WiFi and Bluetooth to enable smartphones without an internet connection to send alerts. Oppo reports that no Bluetooth connection is required for MeshTalk.

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