OPPO: VOOC fast charging technology has 195 million users

Fast charging technology VOOC Flash Charge has 195 million users, according to manufacturer OPPO. Since VOOC is in many of the manufacturer’s models, that says something about how many people have a phone from the manufacturer.

These are figures about thirty supported models in fifty countries, an OPPO chief executive said in an interview with GSMArena. It seems to be the vast majority of OPPO phone users worldwide. The manufacturer only has cheap models without the fast charging technology, but almost all OPPO phones have support for fast charging.

The numbers are only about the OPPO brand. The technology is also in OnePlus phones such as Dash Charge and Warp Charge and in Realme models such as Dart Charge. OnePlus and Realme are sister brands of OPPO. VOOC differs from USB standard USB-PD.

The CEO also says that forty other companies have licensed the technology. The intention is to get the technology in other products through licenses. For example, more companies can make phone chargers for cars and power banks that support the fast charging technology. It is unknown whether other non-OPPO products will support the technology.

In the interview, the OPPO CEO does not want to discuss whether OPPO wants to introduce its own variant of Apple MagSafe. Sister brand Realme already did that with MagDart and that technology probably comes from OPPO. MagSafe works with magnets to ensure that wireless chargers are always in the right place.