Oppo shows teaser of rectangular smartwatch with curved screen edges rand

Oppo has posted an image of its upcoming smartwatch online. This indicates that it is a rectangular model with a screen that has curved edges. It is not yet clear when Oppo will officially announce its watch.

The render of the Oppo Watch is put on Twitter by Brian Shen, a marketing executive for the Chinese company. The look of the watch is very similar to the Apple Watch. Earlier, a render appeared on Weibo showing two buttons on the side. Those buttons are not visible in the new teaser image, but by raising the brightness considerably, those buttons can be discerned.

According to Shen, the watch will have a curved screen with ‘3D glass’. The curved screen edges indicate the use of an OLED panel. Further details about the watch are not yet known. Presumably, Oppo had wanted to announce its smartwatch at its press conference prior to Mobile World Congress. That fair has been canceled for fear of the spread of coronavirus nCov-2019 and most events of manufacturers around the fair are also cancelled.

Teaser image of Oppo Watch (top) and previously released Weibo render (bottom)