OPPO shares first details Air Glass 2 glasses and MariSilicon Y audio chip

OPPO will share the first details of the Air Glass 2 glasses and its own Bluetooth audio soc under the name MariSilicon Y during Inno Day 2022. No release date or price has yet been announced for either product.

OPPO has so far revealed few technical details about the Air Glass 2, only various functions that the assisted reality glasses would support. The glasses, according to the brand, have the “first SRG diffractive waveguide lens”, developed by OPPO to support vision correction. In addition, the Air Glass 2 allows users to make phone calls, get real-time translations, navigate, and convert conversations to text for people with hearing impairments. Many of these functions, apart from the vision correction, were already implemented in the first Air Glass.

In addition, OPPO shares specifications of the new MariSilicon Y audio chipset, the ‘sequel’ to the MariSilicon X, although that npu had a completely different function. According to the Chinese brand, the MariSilicon Y can be used to stream lossless Bluetooth audio with a data transfer speed of 12MB/s. This goes hand in hand with OPPO’s codec technology Ultra Resolution Lossless Codec. This would allow a sampling rate of 192kHz with 24bit audio resolution.

For the production of the chip, OPPO relies on TSMC’s N6RF technology, which reduces the power requirements of the Bluetooth SOC and requires the overall chipset to be smaller compared to a 16nm chip.