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Oppo announces a foldable smartphone at Mobile World Congress at the end of February

A product manager from smartphone manufacturer Oppo announced that the manufacturer is going to announce or reveal a foldable smartphone at the end of February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Chuck Wang, the product manager of Oppo, left at the head office of the manufacturer in Chinese Shenzhen know that his company also comes with a folding smartphone. However, he could not provide any further details, such as a possible release date, specifications or in which smartphone range of Oppo the phone will appear.

Oppo connects this with a growing line of smartphone manufacturers that will be bringing foldable smartphones. For example, Samsung unveiled a foldable smartphone three weeks ago at its developer conference, with a folding screen of 7.28 “and a resolution of 2152×1536 pixels. Huawei also hinted to work on a foldable smartphone, just like LG.

Wang further told that Oppo will release a 5g phone in Europe in the first half of next year, but he did not want to say to which series that smartphone belongs, but presumably it’s the Oppo Find series.

The product manager of the manufacturer also said that his company is busy with the development of placing a camera behind the screen, through a hole in the screen. An Oppo telephone that is equipped with this is planned for 2020.

Recently, Nokia and Oppo announced that they are working together in the field of patents. The two companies have a multi-year agreement closed, giving Oppo access to Nokia technologies under license. The companies did not want to announce further details.


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