Opera introduces all you can eat app stores for providers

Opera is rolling out a new app store model. The company offers mobile operators the option to create their own app store, which users can subscribe to. They get access to all paid apps for a weekly amount.

Opera describes the concept as an all you can eat model. Smartphone or tablet users pay an undisclosed amount to carriers every week and in return they get access to all paid apps that are in the respective store. In total, more than 300,000 apps are said to be in Opera Mobile Store. This includes apps such as Minecraft and Angry Birds Star Wars II.

The company claims to have developed the service to allow mobile operators to take advantage of the profitable application market as well. Five mobile carriers operating in three continents are already said to be working with the service. It is unclear which companies are involved.

Users get one week of free access to the premium service with the first use. After that week you can opt for a subscription or the agreement can be dissolved. It is unclear what the subscription price will be and whether mobile providers will all use the same price.