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Software Update: OpenWrt 19.07.0

The first release of OpenWrt version 19.07 has been released. OpenWrt is alternative open source firmware for a large number of different routers and embedded devices. By means of the opkg package management system there is the possibility to determine for yourself what the router can and cannot do. Various people are also actively working on GoT, see this topic . The most important improvements since the 18.06 release are listed below for you.

The main changes in this release since the previous OpenWrt 18.06 version are:

Updated toolchain:
musl libc 1.1.24
uClibc-ng 1.0.31
glibc 2.27
gcc 7.5.0
binutils 2.31.1
Updated Linux kernel
4.14.162 for all targets
Flow offloading bug fixes
Network user country:
hostapd 2.9, dnsmasq 2.80, dropbear 2019.78
Fixes in network and wireless configuration handling
Bug fixes in DHCPv6 client and server
WPA3 configuration support
Install wpad-opensslfor WPA3 support
Documentation: wpa_modes
System user country:
busybox 1.30.1
Sysupgrade support for backup and upgrade capability checks
Contains urngd, non-physical true random number generator daemon based on timing jitter
Bug fixes in the process manager, system message bus, embedded web server and the configuration management library
Platform and Driver Support
Dropped adm5120, adm8668, ar7, au1000, ixp4xx, mcs814x, omap24xx, ppc40x, ppc44x and xburst target
New ath79 target that will replace the popular ar71xx target
Updates and new device support across all targets
LuCI web interface:
Client side rendering or views for improved performance
Security fixes

Version number 19.07.0
Release Status Final
Website OpenWrt
License type GPL
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