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Online market places increasingly popular

TicketSwap, airbnb,, Catawiki and Blendle. All examples of popular online marketplaces that are being used extensively. In addition to the more well-known online platforms, there are hundreds of online platforms and market places, including many startups. They shoot from the ground like mushrooms and see their chance clean. What makes online marketplaces so popular?

Research Stripe

Stripe software platform for online payments, researched the role of online marketplaces and platforms in the Netherlands. Stripe was launched a year ago. Many startups have already been transferred to the company, such as TicketSwap and Blendle. The survey shows that we not only buy through online market places, but also sell. About three in ten Dutch people (28%) have ever offered or sold anything via an online marketplace.

Participants in the survey were convinced that online marketplaces are good for the economy. It increases competition between companies, small businesses can reach more customers and consumers have more choice in products and services.

Popular online platforms are mainly in the E-commerce, hotel sector and delivery services. People make frequent use of online market places, but we are critical.

Online marketplaces popular

Online stores are now really a trend, but in principle they have existed for almost ten years. People now seem to be really discovering it, and that is not for nothing. It is easy for consumers to visit an online platform for specific products or services. Supply and demand come together on such a platform and this makes it easy for both the provider and the consumer.

In the Netherlands we love online platforms. An explanation for this may be that we cheese heads quickly embrace technological changes. We love to try new things. In this respect, the Netherlands is a good market for this.

Stripe makes payment easy

An important aspect of online platforms is its ease of use. Simply and securely paying the payment is crucial for consumers. More than half of the Dutch in Stripe’s research said they would leave if entering payment information took too long. Stripe helps online platforms by taking payments from start to finish. The company offers a total solution, but remains behind the scenes. People who sell a ticket on TicketSwap, see nothing of Stripe. The only thing they notice is the money that appears neatly and quickly on the bill.

Stripe can personalize the payment options with software. For example, a company can choose whether or not to give IDeal as an option. Stripe, for example, also makes it possible for people from other countries or with a different currency to pay. In this way, the online platforms, such as TicketSwap, can do what they are good at and can pay customers as easily as possible and receive money. Ultimately, the joint goal of Stripe and the online payment platforms is to make it as simple as possible for the customer.


What does TicketSwap notice about the increasing popularity of online marketplaces? Hans Ober, CEO of TicketSwap, said: “TicketSwap has contributed to the insight of people in online platforms, we notice that people are looking for it, it is something relatively new, which attracts people.”

With the increasing number of online platforms, you have to make sure that you are one step ahead of the competition. TicketSwap wants to distinguish itself by the extra safety, fair prices and a personal touch. They are easily accessible and work with thank you messages and text messages, if you have sold a ticket. At first, young people mainly used TicketSwap, but more and more older people are also discovering it. The range of tickets is also becoming wider, with music still offering the largest selection of tickets.

The future of online payments

Could it be easier for people to book an airbnb for example? The next step is to offer even more online opportunities. Samsung Pay and Apple Pay would certainly see online market places. This makes payment even easier in offline environments.

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