Online games platform for trading

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Online gaming running more and more about money. The most popular titles have about three million online gamers. Often a subscription fee has to be paid to gain access to such a virtual community. The average prices range from about 7.5 euros to 11 euros per month. There is also a lively trade in virtual items and means of payment. Hundreds of dollars are paid for flying carpets and virtual nuggets of gold to progress in a game. In fact, there are already entire groups of modern gold miners who do nothing but collect valuable objects, an activity called ‘farming’.

The companies own the intellectual property of the games, which means that in principle all goods offered are theirs, Sony Online Entertainment has long resisted farming. However, the company opened its own auction for Everquest II on July 20, Station Exchange. According to Chris Kramer of Sony Online Entertainment, the company could no longer ignore the secondary market: “In five years we have seen that market grow from a few guys who sometimes offer something via the Internet to a market with an annual turnover of about such a year.” $200 million.” Opinions about buying virtual goods are divided. For example, there are players who see it as cheating. Others find it an easy way to be able to play a game in a short time. In addition, there is a whole new category of players who immediately think of selling them when finding special weapons. Blizzard Entertainment, publisher of World of Warcraft, has already taken action against about a thousand players.

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