OnLeaks shows new render Galaxy S11+ with ordered camera island

OnLeaks has made a new render of the camera island of the Samsung Galaxy S11+. It shows four cameras that are neatly arranged. In the renders that OnLeaks released earlier, five cameras appeared to have been placed randomly.

New render Galaxy S11+

Twitter user OnLeaks says that the renders from a month ago were based on an early prototype. According to the insider, it is likely that the new render shows the final configuration. The new render shows four instead of five camera sensors. The layout is also different and looks neatly organized.

Earlier, Twitter user Ice Universe claimed that the layout as shown on the renders of OnLeaks was incorrect. He also states this week that Samsung does not offer the new series Galaxy S11, but Galaxy S20 will call. There are no concrete indications for this yet, but the same applies to the S11 naming.

The Galaxy S11+ or S20+ will be the largest and most comprehensive device. Renders of the Galaxy S11e and the regular Galaxy S11 have also appeared. Of these, the camera island was already more organized. The new devices are expected to be released in February.

Render of November 26 with ‘messy’ camera island