OnLeaks publishes renders and dimensions of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

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OnLeaks has shared renders and dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 together with SmartPrix. When folded, the phone would be 13.4mm thick. This makes it a lot thinner than the Fold4.

The renders show that a change has been made to the hinge. That no longer protrudes slightly, which should probably ensure that the phone can be closed better. The Fold4 has a small opening when the device is folded. SmartPrix expected that this is the reason that the Fold5 is less thick than its predecessor, which is between 14.2mm and 15.8mm thick due to the hinge opening.

Besides the thickness when closed, the dimensions of the device do not differ much compared to the Fold4: 154.9×129.9×6.3mm when not folded, and 154.9×67.1×13.4mm when folded. For the Fold4 it is 155.1×130.1×6.3mm and 155.1×67.1×14.2-15.8mm respectively. The screen diagonal of 7.6 “also remains the same.

The cameras on the back have undergone a visible change. These are now in a camera island. In addition, the flash has been moved. This was located under the three cameras on the Fold4, but is now mounted next to the camera island.

Samsung has released its Fold phones in August every year in recent years. It is unknown if that will happen again this year. SmartPrix expects the phone to appear a bit earlier this year. Samsung itself has not yet announced anything about the successor to the Fold4.

Renderings of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5. The last image is of the Fold4, for comparison.

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