OnePlus is working on a smart TV

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OnePlus is working on its own ‘intelligent’ smart TV. For the time being, the project is known as OnePlus TV, but the company asks community members to think about a suitable name.

According to OnePlus, developments in 5G and artificial intelligence will open up new possibilities to improve life in the next five years. The company is therefore working on a new product with a ‘flagship’ design, image quality and audio reproduction to ‘connect the house’. OnePlus founder Pete Lau told Business Insider that the plan is to add a visual smart assistant.

“We want to take the home environment to a new level of intelligent connections,” OnePlus said in a statement. The company calls its project OnePlus TV, but asks its community members to come up with names. These can be submitted until October 17 and on October 31, OnePlus will choose the name from the entries that the TV will carry.

When the OnePlus TV will appear exactly and what features the product will have is not yet known. According to Lau, release could take place next year, with perhaps the necessary software updates afterward to expand the functionality. The only product from OnePlus that is not a smartphone so far has been the set of Bullets Wireless earbuds, which appeared at the same time as the OnePlus 6. OnePlus is part of the Chinese manufacturer BBK, just like Oppo.

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