OneDrive app can be disabled again without mandatory feedback

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Windows users who want to disable the OneDrive app on their PC will no longer be required to justify their choice. Microsoft has removed this obligation from the app. The company had received a lot of criticism for this.

Microsoft has told The Verge journalist Tom Warren that “a small portion” of OneDrive users between November 1 and 8 had to indicate via a notification why they wanted to close the OneDrive app. The company said it wanted to collect feedback in this way. According to Microsoft, the obligation did not apply to the entire user base.

Users reportedly do not need to update the app. According to the NeoWin editors, it is simply sufficient to restart the Windows computer and open the OneDrive settings menu. There, users can then disable OneDrive functionality without having to provide mandatory feedback first.

Mandatory feedback notification when closing OneDrive app – Source: The Verge

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