One in three Ubuntu users choose not to share diagnostics

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On new Ubuntu Desktop installations, 33 percent of users choose not to share diagnostic data with Canonical. The organization reports this with the publication of results of the Ubuntu Report tool.

Canonical talks about an opt-in percentage of 67 percent, but when installing Ubuntu Desktop, the option to share system information is activated by default. According to Canonical, the percentage has been increasing in the past week. Ubuntu has been asking for permission to forward the data since February. Since the release of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, the Ubuntu Report tool has been part of the OS.

The data collected shows that the average installation of Ubuntu Desktop takes eighteen minutes and that the fastest installations are ready after about eight minutes. The share of upgrades over new 18.04 LTS installations is a quarter and just over 15 percent opts for the new Minimum installation.

Furthermore, the resolution of 1920×1080 pixels appears to be a favorite among Ubuntu users, followed by 1366×768 pixels. There are not yet many 4k monitors among the users and multiple monitors are not yet common among them. Finally, 4GB and 8GB are the most common memory configurations.

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