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On a speed bike traffic jam to your work: that’s how nice it is!

Speedbikes are the most modern means of transport at the moment. Electric bikes that can reach speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour. On a speed bike you can be completely traffic-free to your work, via specially designed bicycle routes. Never speak to your work in the traffic jam again? Then a speedbike is definitely something for you!

A speed bike is not just comparable to a normal bike, because to drive on this fast e-bike you need at least a moped driver’s license, just like a yellow license plate and an approved speedbike helmet (you have to ride the bike). insure and you automatically get a license plate). After only a few meters you fully understand why that is obligatory: with this bike you can go from A to B very quickly. And that is why it is also so nice that there are special bike paths in the Netherlands where you can use these bikes. The government wants to stimulate the use of this type of bicycle. That is why, at the municipal level, more and more investments are being made in laying down quick-cycle routes.

Where are the fast-cycle routes in the Netherlands?

High-cycle routes are cycle paths on which you can cycle without delay. Normally, cycle paths are regularly interrupted by, for example, intersections with traffic lights. These are not very common on fast cycle routes, which means that you can certainly cycle through – especially on a speed bike.

There are already about 300 kilometers of fast-cycle routes in the Netherlands. They connect urban regions with each other, such as Amsterdam and Haarlem, or Delft and Rotterdam. And for the coming years, there are still plenty of plans to create twice as many new routes. For anyone who poops between home and work and normally gets a daily dose of traffic jam, a speed bike is the perfect solution. It is not only a healthy way of traveling, but on a bike you are also much more flexible than by car.

On the Gazelle website you can find an overview of all the fast cycle routes in the Netherlands.

How do you feel on a speedbike?

Whoever gets on a speedbike for the first time will have to get used to the speed. You’re pretty fast at 30-35 kilometers per hour, and when you do your best, this speed even goes up. With this you can easily and quickly pass other cyclists. You get used to the speed rather quickly, and also to the freedom around you. You are outside, you are moving and see so much more on the road than when you drive to work in the car. Especially in the summer months it is a relief to commute in this way.

Testing a speedbike?

You should experience a speedbike yourself, to find out if it can be something for you.

For example, Gazelle has set up a Gazelle Experience Center at various locations in the Netherlands where you can rent this modern and fast bike to try it out for a while. You can of course also get advice from the Gazelle specialists on what suits you best. This can be done in the following places:

  • Groningen (testing)
  • Waalwijk (testing)
  • Amersfoort (testing)

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