Old School RuneScape hd mod to be released September 13 after agreement with Jagex

RuneScape creator Jagex reports that 117Scape’s Old School RuneScape hd mod will be released for free on September 13. Earlier, Jagex requested the maker to stop developing the HD mod, but the two parties have reached an agreement.

“We are pleased to confirm that we have reached a positive agreement with 117Scape, and that their highly anticipated HD plugin for the RuneLite client will be available for free on Monday, September 13,” RuneScape creator Jagex wrote in a blog post. In addition, the developer reports that it will soon publish instructions for installing the mod.

117Scape’s RuneLite HD mod will be available as a plugin for the RuneLite client. That is a third-party application that allows gamers to play Old School RuneScape. The mod was initially set to release on September 6, but its release was delayed after Jagex asked the mod maker to stop development. Jagex also indicated that the company is “actively investigating” the possibilities for its own HD version of Old School RuneScape, and that it therefore does not want unofficial HD versions that “conflict” with the plans of the British studio.

That decision was met with much criticism by OSRS players, who, among other things, posted critical messages on social media and organized an in-game protest. Jagex already stated on Thursday that it takes the criticism seriously. In addition, Jagex wrote that the company was in talks with 117Scape and that it was investigating how the HD mod of 117Scape could still be made available, which has now been successful.

117Scape reports on Twitter to be ‘very happy’ with the agreement with Jagex. “I will be working with Jagex on the direction of the project so that it remains consistent with their vision for the game,” added the modder. “This isn’t a compromise; it’s something I dreamed about while working on this project.”

Screenshots of the Old School RuneScape hd mod. Pictures by 117Scape on Twitter