nVidia would also have canceled NV50 core

The gentlemen of The Inquirer report that nVidia is not only putting the NV48 project on hold, but also that the NV50 project will probably not continue in its current form. The gentlemen have no idea why nVidia is also suspending this project, because it concerns the development of the next generation of nVidia GPUs. Apparently the company has come to the conclusion that the current strategy is not the right one and that it has to change completely. Normally, this report would be dismissed as a rumor spread as news by The Inquirer. However, on the Beyond3D forum, DaveBaumann and Utter, gentlemen with expertise in 3D technology, give quite acceptable explanations for this action, which suddenly makes the message a lot more credible.

2px; height:47px;” title=”nVidia logo” alt=”nVidia logo” align=right vspace=3 hspace=10>The NV50 chip should hit the market at the end of 2005. There shouldn’t be many new features The GPU should be added, the emphasis was mainly on optimizing the chip, so that it needed, for example, fewer transistors and therefore less energy.The API of the chip does not yet have support for Pixel Shader 4.0 and is therefore not suitable for DirectX 10, also called DirectX Next, which means that the chip is also not suitable for Windows Graphics Foundation 2.0 (WGF 2.0), the graphics engine behind Longhorn. This was not a problem until recently, because Longhorn would only be released in 2007 and thus nVidia had enough time to develop a new chip that was suitable for WGF 2.0.

However, it now seems that Microsoft is going to introduce Longhorn as early as 2006. In the first version, a large number of new functions, which still took a lot of development time, were removed. So if nVidia releases a card at the end of 2005 that can’t handle Windows’ new graphics engine, which appears a few months later, it’s understandable that the company will stop developing this chip. The work of the current NV50 will probably be partly included in its successor. Furthermore, it is not entirely inconceivable that a new version of the NV40 will be released for this successor. This GPU will then have virtually no extra functions, but will have a number of optimized parts of the NV50 core. However, as long as this news does not come from a reliable source, it will remain a rumor.