Nvidia Shield TV supports Xbox Series and PS5 controllers

The various Nvidia Shield TV media players have received an update that includes support for the controllers of the next-gen consoles, namely the controller from Xbox Series X and S and the DualSense controller from the PlayStation 5.

Support for these controllers is part of Shield Experience Upgrade 8.2.2. This update allows the controller of the two next-gen consoles to connect to the Shield TV devices via bluetooth, so that they can be used for playing Android or GeForce NOW games.

In addition, this upgrade brings a number of other innovations, including support for Smart home systems from Control4, so that the systems can be used to control a Shield TV device via the Control4 app. Support for the Discovery+ streaming service has also been added. The Shield TV media players still run on Android 9 from 2018.

In addition, this 27th update has made a number of improvements, including being able to disable volume notifications and a bug that prevented Dolby Digital Plus surround from being possible in the Prime Video app.

The match framerate option is still in beta, which means it just needs to be manually enabled and doesn’t work flawlessly yet. This allows users to equate the output of the Shield TV with the frame rate and dynamic range of the displayed content. Thus, the video being played is not converted and any judder of the image should be omitted.