Nvidia Shield TV receives support from Alexa for Alexa voice assistant

The Nvidia Shield TV media player is supported in the United States by Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa. This gives users the ability to control the media player with voice commands via the Amazon Echo speakers.

According to Nvidia this update means that the Shield TV is the only media player that can be controlled with both the different Amazon Echo devices. as the Google Home speaker. The support for Google Assistant has been implemented earlier. Nvidia has also announced that another functionality will become available to users of the Shield TV: Dolby Atmos passthrough for Prime Video.

By adding a new Alexa skill, users can ask Alexa, for example, to navigate through the collection of content on the Shield TV. The media player with voice commands can also be switched on or off, for example, or the volume can be adjusted.

To use Alexa commands, an Echo speaker must first be connected to the Shield TV from the Alexa app, after which the new skill can be selected and linked to the Nvidia account. Finally, the speaker and the media player must be selected to work together.

For now, support for Alexa is limited to Nvidia Shield TV users in the United States, but Nvidia says that this will eventually also come to other regions . When the update comes to Europe is not clear.


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