Nvidia releases hotfix 3 for Shield TV, interested parties should sign up

Nvidia has since released three Shield TV hotfixes since the update to Android TV 11 on December 12. These solve many problems, but at the same time, for example, the Disney+ app cannot be installed or updated and a factory reset is also not possible.

The hotfixes address issues in many areas: Wi-Fi, network storage, audio, input, image, storage, bluetooth, and sleep, to name a few. Most troubleshooting is common to all generations of the Shield media player. There are also certain fixes for specific apps: Plex, Plex Media Server, Kodi and YouTube TV.

What is striking about the hotfixes is that they will not be distributed via the usual over the air channels; interested users must register in a Google Form from Nvidia, where they provide their Shield serial number. After that, they will receive the updates automatically.

Once enrolled, they can still decline the updates in the interface, but they cannot unsubscribe from the hotfixes. Rollbacks are also not possible and the updates are not certified by Google. Disney+ will not be able to install or update with these hotfixes and a factory reset is no longer possible.

The regular updates that each user receives will also be offered to these users, after which they are back on the same version as everyone else. It is to be expected that the disadvantages of the hotfixes will no longer apply. However, no release date has been announced for a next update for the Shield. So these hotfixes are for those who don’t want to wait for such a regular update because they experience one of the mentioned problems.

Nvidia released Shield Experience 9.0.0, based on Android TV 11, on December 12 last year. The update adds, among other things, new privacy features and a revamped Gboard keyboard with built-in text-to-speech functions, in addition to support for the aptX audio codec and the Android security update, the company reported. Bluetooth devices can also be automatically disconnected when the Shield TV is put into sleep mode.

Image via Nvidia