Nvidia hints at the introduction of new GeForce video cards in three weeks

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Nvidia may present new GeForce RTX video cards at the end of August. The manufacturer shows a teaser and counts down 21 days. The manufacturer also refers to 21 years ago; then Nvidia announced its first GeForce card.

The teaser on Twitter consists of a short animation of an explosion with the hashtag #UltimateCountdown. The profile image of the GeForce account has also been adjusted, it states that there is a 21-day countdown and refers to 21 years ago. The profile text says ‘look back before looking forward’.

With reference to 21 years ago, Nvidia is referring to August 31, 1999. That was the launch date of the GeForce 256, the first video card in the GeForce series. It looks like Nvidia is planning to announce its new GeForce RTX 3000 graphics cards on August 31 this year.

According to previous rumors, the new video cards will be on sale from 9 September. The presentation usually takes place earlier. The new cards will have GPUs based on the Ampere architecture. Nvidia presented this architecture before and is already used in GPUs for servers. According to rumors, several RTX 3000 cards are coming, with 8GB to 24GB of vram.

Alleged Nvidia RTX-3000 line-up *
Board ID Replacement for Video memory Memory bus Possible release period
PG132-10 RTX 2080 Ti 24GB 384-bit Second half of September
PG132-20 RTX 2080 Super 20GB 320-bit First half of October
PG132-30 RTX 2080 Super 10GB 320-bit Mid-September
PG142-0 RTX 2070 Super 16GB nnb nnb
PG142-10 RTX 2070 Super 8GB 256-bit Second half of September
PG190-10 RTX 2060 Super 8GB 256-bit nnb

* based on unconfirmed rumors from Wccftech

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