Nvidia comes with midrange Maxwell GPUs for laptops

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Nvidia has expanded its range of GPUs with the Maxwell architecture with two midrange models for laptops. The new models are available immediately and Asus, Alienware, Acer and HP have already announced laptops with the new GPUs.

The Geforce GTX 950M and 960M are both produced using a 28 nanometer process and are based on the Maxwell architecture. The 950M is clocked at 914MHz and has 640 shader units; the 960M is slightly more powerful with a clock speed of 1096MHz but as many shaders.

Both GPUs are connected to the video memory via a 128-bit interface. The 950M is compatible with both ddr3 and gddr5 memory, while the 960M only works with gddr5. The memory is clocked at 1000MHz or 2500MHz in the case of the 950M and 2500MHz in the case of the 960M.

Nvidia reports that Asus, Alienware, MSI, Razer, HP, Lenovo, Acer and Gigabyte have already indicated that they will come with laptops equipped with the new GPUs. Asus has already announced a laptop with the 960M. In addition to that GPU, the ZenBook Pro UX501 contains a UHD screen and a Core i7 quad-core CPU.

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