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Number of Pixel 4 users complains that face recognition no longer works

Some users of the Pixel 4 say that they can no longer unlock their phones with their faces. It looks like that is because of an update, but some users say they don’t have it installed. The problem does not seem to occur with very many users.

The problems have been around since November, writes Android Police. Recently, however, more and more users are reporting the problem. This concerns users of both the Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL. The problem usually persists when users restart their phones. The problems arise when users reset their face scan on the phone after they receive a warning about it. There are two types of warnings that users see, both of which come down to the same thing. In one case it only says that the user has to retry the face scan, in another warning it says ‘hardware not available’.

It is not known how many users suffer from the problem. It doesn’t seem to be very many, but users on Reddit and the Pixel forum, among others, write that it is bothering them. In a number of cases, a restart of the phone seems to help, but in many other cases, it does not. Repairing the phone would not always work either. Google tells Android Police that it is studying the problems.

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