Number of Linux games on Steam passes 1600 after three years

Since Steam was released in closed beta as a Linux app in November 2012, 1606 Linux games have appeared on the platform. Initially, Valve and a few other developers released about twenty games via Steam, including Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2.

Along with Steam for Linux, the Big Picture mode was also included in the first Steam Linux beta, with the goal of making Steam usable along with a TV and controller. Now, about three years later, there are 1606 Linux games in the Steam store, writes Softpedia. With the arrival of a larger gaming platform to Linux, the video drivers of both Nvidia and AMD gradually improved, although it is not yet at the level of Windows.

In addition to many indie games, the 1606 Linux games also include bigger names from the past, such as Portal 2 and Counter-Strike, as well as several contemporary a-titles, such as Football Manager 2015 and Cities: Skylines. Yet Steam for Linux and thus for SteamOS and the Steam Machine is not yet a resounding success. At the time of writing, the number of Linux users is just under 1 percent. Windows accounts for 95.45 percent of all Steam gamers, OSX 3.49 percent and Linux 0.95 percent.

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