Note 10 production delayed due to South Korea-Japan trade war

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The production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is said to have been delayed due to the trade war between South Korea and Japan. Despite the problems caused by Japanese sanctions, the unveiling of Samsung’s flagship will continue on August 7.

According to The Korea Herald, the trade war between the two countries has forced Samsung to reduce production of the Exynos 9825-soc, the heart of the Galaxy Note 10, by ten percent this month. Samsung would suffer from the sanctions Japan has imposed on South Korea; these include exports of chemicals used by smartphone manufacturers to manufacture chips and displays, such as fluorinated polyimide, hydrogen fluoride and photoresist.

Samsung admits through a spokesperson that production has been temporarily reduced, but does not want to confirm that this has to do with the Japanese trade sanctions. The spokesperson also says that the ‘missing ten percent will be made up next month’.

Incidentally, the South Korean tech giant is not completely dependent on the Exynos 9825-soc for the new Note 10. There will also be a version powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, but that version will only appear in a limited number of countries, including the US. Many other markets, including Europe, will get the Note 10 with Exynos power.

The Galaxy Note 10 launch is still scheduled for August 7, at an Unpacked event in New York. The devices are expected to be in stores on or around August 23, although Samsung has not yet announced an official release date.

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