No talent in the kitchen? Then this smart oven might be something for you

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Cooking is getting easier. With a cooking assistant via a chatbot and handy gadgets, cooking is a breeze. There are even special ovens that make it very easy in the kitchen. Two years ago June released a smart oven. Now there is just a second new version of the smart oven. The new oven is a lot cheaper.

Smart Oven

The oven recognizes more than 50 products, with a built-in camera. Hot air, slow cook and dehydration can all be used in this version of the oven. Thanks to the software, the oven can always be updated with new options. There are more than 100 different preparation programs. Users could give feedback about which food they wanted to have added to the oven. Based on this, cooking programs have also been added. For example, many users wanted an option to reheat the pizza. Now there is the ‘leftover pizza’ option.


The oven also has a corresponding app. Here you can see images of the food in the oven, set timers and view recipes. He can also be linked to Alexa. Ask, for example, how long your food is left in the oven, and Alexa answers when you can eat.

There are now also other smart ovens on the market, but June is the smartest and extensive variant. June wants to expand even more. For example, they are now working on a rice cooker. For $ 599 you have the smart oven of June in possession.